A Note on Sex, Women and Marriage: To My Son on His 21st Birthday.

In my earlier post, “Women: An insight on men” I was asked several times in private messages and emails,”Where is the equivalent advice for men!?” Usually asked in a very angry, sarcastic, and sardonic tone.

Here it is. Continue reading


Women: An insight on men.

I saw this and was really impressed by a fathers advice to his daughter. I think this is something every woman would benefit from reading if she wants to understand a bit more about Men.

The advice this father gave is not meant to teach his daughter how to find a lover, fuck-buddy, or life partner. It’s designed to help her find a solid, reliable, enthralled husband. She may choose not to have a husband, or find that there are other methods that will achieve the same end. However this method, these short and brutally honest pieces of advice, may be the hardest to follow but achieve the most consistent results. Continue reading