After Porn Ends!

I’m a junkie for documentaries of all sorts, I went looking for my next fix the other day when I stumbled across “After Porn Ends” on Netflix.  After the trailer, I listed a few noteworthy conversation starters from the movie, there are quite a few stories told in this film.  I give it a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars.  It was a very balanced, insightful film.If you want to jump right in, here is the entire movie.

If you want to see a few clips:

– It’s more than a “How I got into porn/Where are they now”.  It shows a full range of their experiences: from those who went on to have a white picket fence, to professional Bounty Hunters, to MENSA Members!

– Notable quote: “As long as you have a cunt you will never starve.”

– The seduction of pimps.

– The importance of *reading the contracts they sign, saving the money they made and diversifying those savings!”*

– Nina Heartly provides wizened, poignant perspectives.

– I especially enjoyed that they took just as much time to interview some of the few men who made it in porn and hear their perspectives on how the industry has changed.

– Luke Ford (  and William Margold  ( deliver frank and polarizing conclusions that I’ll leave you to analyze on your own.


Bonus: What Comes Next?

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