American Porn, FRONTLINE

I’m a big PBS / NPR fan and they make up the bulk of my entertainment.  I watched this episode on Frontline.  Its a detailed look at American Porn.  Continue reading


Keeping Rope & Sex Toys Clean/Sanitary!

Barbicide is a United States Environmental Protection Agency-approved hospital disinfectant. It is a germicide, pseudomonacide, fungicide, and viricide. In addition, it kills the HIV-1 virus (AIDS virus), Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C. Continue reading

Knowledge is power! My library Of BDSM, D/s, M/s, and Lifestyle Books

To make our community stronger I want to share my library. If I have anything you want to read, you are welcome to it. Just ask, and I will send it to you. Some of what I have is well known, like Screw the Roses-Send Me the Thorns. Others are out of print classics like one of my favorites, Miss Abernathy’s Concise Slave Training Manual. Be sure to leave any reviews if you have an opinion of the accuracy and/or effectiveness of those you have read! Continue reading

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