Art Of The Cane!

~Learn your tool!

When we start with our cane we want to familiarize ourselves with it, swing it a few times, very lightly.  Trace your partners body with it let them know how it can be sensuous, or even tickle!  CAREFULLY swing it past their ear and let them shudder at the thought of what’s coming.

When using a flexible cane, USE THE FLEX!  Allow the tip to do the work, horizontally and vertically.  Especially good for breasts!   Use all the energy it generates.  Be sure not to allow too much overlap because your cane will develop a “hook”.  Start with a wiggling, wave motion.

Avoid the “baseball bat grip/swing.  It slows you down and when it connects we can more easily break our cane.  Unless we are using an actual bat!

For rigid canes, be sure not to let the “far end” do all the work.  Be even when you apply it.  You will see uneven bruising/marks if you are being lazy and use the same technique you would with a flexible cane.  I prefer rigid when using butts! If you use the middle and not the end too much, you get “Overhang”. That causes stress on the middle.   That stress may cause it to break early.

~Remember to alternate.

Don’t just alternate the breasts, thighs, and butt cheeks you’re caning.  Try using your off hand.  If you are right handed, go lefty.  If you are a lefty, try it with the right.  It will keep you from getting too sore and make the fun last longer for everyone.

Yes, you can get Repetitive Motion Injuries!  I know a woman that specializes in canes and paddles who has to wear a wrist brace!

Canes are a great “equalizer” for those of us who cane people larger and stronger than they are. Unlike brutally heavy floggers and paddles, a thin light cane can bring nearly anyone to tears of joy when wielded by a competent user!  Even if that user is smaller than the person they are giving strokes to!

~Dynamic uses:

The Piñata Game! – A game you may want to try is a kinky twist on the Mexican Piñata!  A Piñata is a ceramic or paper toy stuffed with candy.  You hit it until the candy drops out.  For my variation, you can use a piece of candy, a candy bar, or a sicker.  Have the person you cane hold it in between the butt cheeks, thighs, or mouth.  When they have had enough they just release the candy.  When it hits the ground, the scene is over.  Then you get to share the candy!

Bastinado – The feet are almost always one of the toughest, most rugged parts of our body.  Having said that, we want to observe the same precautions and warm ups we would use with even the most sensitive of body parts!  These are great for Interrogation Scenes!  Imagine yourself in uniform complete with a commander’s baton, asking who-what-when-why-where!?

Palms – The palms are a great mental challenge!  When caning with palms I break with tradition and specifically do not tie them up.  There is a special mental aspect to making your victim place their hands, palm up in front of you. After every blow, the must “reset” and keep their eyes open.  So they see the full arc of the swing and force themselves not to flinch their hands.  Palms are always great for the Student/teacher dynamic!  In the videos, we watch everyone in on their knees. I vote for sitting cross-legged.  Legs won’t go numb, knees won’t hurt.


*Canes are either straight, or not. Just like all of you!

*Thinner canes for precise lines, like “Tiger Striping”.

*Thicker caned do deeper tissue bruising.

*We can however directly cane the anus!

*We always avoid bones and the small of the back where the kidneys are as well as the spine.
*The ends can easily be twisted into flesh/nipples!

*Large ends can be inserted with lube and a condom on it.

*Metal rods can be used with P.E.S. boxes by adding an electrode to it.

*Metal rods can also be used with a Violet Wand.

*Sir Francis Buller (3/1746 – 6/1800) was the English judge credited with the “Rule Of Thumb”. His assertion that a husband could thrash his wife with impunity provided that the stick was no thicker than his thumb, led cartoonist Gillray to caricature him as ‘Judge Thumb’.

~Know your canes!

The term Nursery cane or Junior cane is sometimes used for the lightest punishment cane, it’s very thin and lightweight), around 1/4″ (6 to 7 mm) in diameter. Mine are made from lengths of thin, bent bamboo from the hardware store.

The Senior cane is around 3/8″ (8 to 10 mm) in diameter around.

The Adult cane is a heavier type (thin and lightweight), 7/16″ (11 mm) in diameter.  I made mine from home grown palm.

The Reformatory cane, it was reserved for the worst, and most incorrigible, is about 12 mm thick and 90–120 cm long.

**(I’ll upload that pic soon)**

The Singapore cane, used in Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei for the judicial and prison punishment of adult criminals, is half an inch in diameter and 4 ft (1.2 m) long, and can cause deep wounds and permanent scars. I’ll post a picture as soon as I’ve made one”

My Sjambok certainly fits the bill! Specifications: Weight: 13.5 oz, Length: 42”, Handle: 10 1/4″ Kray-Ex™ w/ Extruding Black Plastic Lash, Thickness: 1/2″ Diameter Tip. You can buy one here ->


All natural fiber canes and most thin synthetic canes will break at some point.  Be certain we check our canes for cracks and splinters.  We don’t want to have a cane break when it hits flesh because it will slice the skin open like a fistful of razor blades!  A simple splinter, if embedded hurts at best.  At worst, it’s not even felt and can be infected!

~STRICTURISM (at) Gmail (DOT) com


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