Women: An insight on men.

I saw this and was really impressed by a fathers advice to his daughter. I think this is something every woman would benefit from reading if she wants to understand a bit more about Men.

The advice this father gave is not meant to teach his daughter how to find a lover, fuck-buddy, or life partner. It’s designed to help her find a solid, reliable, enthralled husband. She may choose not to have a husband, or find that there are other methods that will achieve the same end. However this method, these short and brutally honest pieces of advice, may be the hardest to follow but achieve the most consistent results.

When my oldest daughter was fourteen, I sat her down and read her the rules of the road:

1) Boys want to have sex with you. Actually, most of them want to have sex. With you or with someone else. Their interest in you is related to how attracted they are to you coupled with how much of a chance they think they have with you.

Your job is to find a boy who wants to have sex with YOU (preferably when you’re a lot older).

2) A boy who is interested in you will let you know. Boys (and men) are not as complicated as women in this regard. If you have to wonder if he likes you, he doesn’t.

3) Like a boy because YOU like him, not because he’s the popular flavor this month. You will be surprised how many boys will appreciate that. They aren’t used to being noticed for themselves.

4) You have to choose from among the boys who express interest in you. You do not get to choose from among those who don’t.

5) You already have girl game. Its called butt, boobs, hair and legs [but never show off more than hair and one other at any one time]. You don’t need anything else. Really. Any guy who isn’t responding to your BBH&L has access to better BBH&L elsewhere. Sorry, life isn’t fair. See rule #4.

6) No one girl attracts all the guys. It only looks like it because most girls only see half the guys, if that many, in any social situation. Believe me. There are a lot of guys actively trying to get your attention. Yes, right now. In general, men are more idiosyncratic in their preferences that women are, so use that to your advantage.

7) Don’t waste the pretty. The world right now does not reward smart, modest young women of good character and average looks. It rewards sluts and chest-beating thugs, but only briefly. Don’t ever become someone’s back up plan, someone’s not-quite-girlfriend, someone’s backdoor girl, someone’s plan ‘B’.

And for the sake of God’s love: If you like a boy, let him know.”

~Stricturism (AT) Gmail.com


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