All My Heroes Were Ho’s!

Author and former Southern California Leather Woman Serene visited us on the book tour for  All My Heroes Were Ho’s, Exploration of the authentic self from the kinky side of life.

“All My Heroes Were Ho’s “ is a collection of my private and public blogs from the kink life as a leather title holder, edge player with a bit of politics and of course my favorite scenes. I poke at my own religious upbringing, discovering kink at the age of 5, life as a celibate missionary for 12 yrs, political activist, partner in a Dom/Domme marriage, two-time cancer survivor, Cougar life and the joys of sensual domination.

Here’s an excerpt: “Lot had a special father/daughter(s) relationship that made the writers of the Old Testament juggle with incest in the most clever way. Look at Leviticus 18, it’s the list of all the close relatives you can’t have sexual with. But guess what combo is missing? That’s right the father/daughter combo.”

~Serene Sin

She holds a Masters of Fine Arts Degree in Non-Fiction Creative Writing and a BA Political Science. She is also trained in Massage, Hypnosis, Holographic Repatterning, Face Reading and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Mistress Serene is a classically trained Domina who has taught Erotic Intelligence classes and workshops for more than twenty years. She provides BDSM/Fetish/Kink coaching, classes and is a mastermind for erotic entrepreneurs and kinksters.
Serene is an Author, Blogger, Presenter and Sensual Sadistic Cougar. As an author, she is a frequent radio and Internet show guest appearing on Playboy’s Spice Radio, Dr. Julie Block,, TSR Networks, The Fetish Show and has presented nationally at DESIRE: Leather Women Unleashed, Evolution Revolution, and the Leather Leadership Conference.

Many of us remember Serene not just for her flaming tongue but for the FIRE she brought to Las Vegas for us!

Pick up the book here ->

Enjoy the collage of her talents!

~Stricturism (AT)


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