Graphic Sexual Horror, A Five Star Documentary!

I just held a screening of Graphic Sexual Horror and it was quite an informative documentary.  They interviewed models, talent scouts, and the crew quite candidly.  PD himself displayed lots of personal insight on his “Absolute power”.  I seriously suggest watching this!

Stricturism Graphic Sexual HorrorThe scene that elicited the most conversation afterwards was this one ->  There was a clear violation of her Safe Word, that PD recognized.  He stopped.  He then clearly gives her the option of stopping the shoot if she is too upset to go on.  This is where we had differing views that roughly fell into two camps:

1) My team clearly saw her glassy eyes calculating how much $ she’d miss out on by stopping now, and future lots of earnings since the weak were routinely culled and never called back to work with Insex.

So she decides to go on.

2) My soft-hearted opposition says that she had no choice, or had what was in fact a “false choice”. Partially *because* she needed the money.

I agree, but from a different angle!  I propose that anyone who has ever been paid to do a job of any sort has agreed that even though they don’t want to do the deed for hours at a time, they are being compensated well enough to alleviate any anger, guilt, or shame they may have to contend with down the road.  From hookers and housewives to Presidents and Pastry Chefs.  Myself included.

If this was a personal scene among friends and play-partners I would have a totally different outlook.  When we introduce money, and an audience to appease it stops being as sympathetic a case as watching the video implies.  Your thoughts?

*If I mis-represented what “the opposition” said, please correct me.  We saw it a few days ago and my memory is overshadowed by the masochistic beauty of watching her break down into tears after the slapping.  In the clip you saw it from :35-:45.

You can read about it / buy it on Amazon ->

Stricturism (AT)

BONUS: at Slamdance: The Porno-Terror Nexus–How the Patriot Act shut down


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